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Olga E

Speaks : English (Native- like)
Certified English teacher with a Bachelor of Education Degree in Teaching and English Literature IELTS,TOEFL and PTE Prep

I have a passion for teaching English.I would LOVE to be your tutor !
I am a patient and encouraging English tutor with 10 + years experience with all ages and levels. It is my intention to tailor my sessions to the needs and interest of the students while trying to build their confidence by taking into account their individual learning style and providing feedback that is both positive and constructive.


I’m a CELTA certified instructor who’s ready to put all her experience and skills achieved through the years to help learners improve their English language.
I’ve brought some new techniques to my classrooms such as creating a very interactive environment where both myself nad the learners are able to enjoy while learning something new.

Elena Z

Speaks: Russian/English

Certified English teacher holding a bachelor’s degree in Teaching English.
Would you like to practice your conversational skills? Do you want to speak with confidence? Great! I would be happy to help you and give all necessary assistance. I have 6 years of experience in teaching both children and adults. I am interested in interacting with my students and learning more about them so that we can make our lessons productive. I like to teach and talk at a comfortable and slow place so you can absorb as much as you can to your full potential.

Edona K

Hello guys!
If you are looking forward to improve your English in a professional aspect, you can join my online classes on a flexible schedule.
Business English has been at the center of my work for a considerable amount of time since I have studied Business Management in my previous studies.The lectures that I have attended during my higher education, have woken up a desire to teach business-related subjects in English; such as job interviews, presentations, chairing meetings and holding speeches.

As for General English, I have been teaching English for the past three years and I have been able to gain the right skills on planning lessons according to students’ interests. Lessons are mostly vocabulary and speaking based. You will familiarize yourself with themes relatable to everyday life, and more importantly, you will have the possibility to improve your critical thinking skills.

Susan O

US citizen
Speaking level: like a native
Experienced English Tutor teaching
English to the students all of ages, different groups, adults and teenagers.
Skilled in developing customized lesson plans to meet individual student needs
Committed to helping students to feel more comfortable and also be able to learn and talk English with more confidence.
I am an energetic, passionate and challenging teacher with great communication skills and high level of empathy

José D


My name is José Daniel and I am from Colombia. A TEO and TEFL certified teacher with 15 years of experience, languages have been for me a method to transfer knowledge and connect cultures and ways of living. Always feeling attentive and ready to give my best, I have instructed many people around the globe, when it comes to Spanish, French, Italian and English studies. Languages, undoubtedly, explain how reality is seen and how we face it as well. The deeper the approach, the wider the understanding. I would gladly help you to achieve this purpose in the target language you are planning to improve, with all the required instruction within my reach.

Anastasia C

TESOL certified English teacher

I have more than five years of experience teaching both kids and adults.

In my opinion, learning process should not be a constant struggle, I am always trying to create a warm and friendly environment for my students in order to help them to overcome this common fear of speaking or being mistaken. Step by step I am assisting them on the way to boosting their speaking confidence and I absolutely adore this process.

Ramazan Ö

2003 yılında Marmara Üniversitesi İngilizce Öğretmenliği Bölümü’nden mezun olduktan sonra çeşitli kurumlarda genel İngilizce ve sınav İngilizcesi eğitimleri verdim ve halen vermekteyim. Son on yılda özellikle sınav İngilizcesi eğitimlerine odaklandım. YDS, YÖKDİL, TOEFL ve IELTS sınavlarına birçok öğrenci hazırladım ve öğrencilerimle birlikte başarılı sonuçlar aldım.
Sınavlarda başarılı sonuçlar almak için öğrenci ve öğretmen arasında sağlıklı bir iletişim kurmak çok önemlidir. Bu yüzden derslere başlamadan önce mutlaka öğrencinin eksikleri tespit edilmeli, gereken eğitim planlanmalı ve bu plana eğitim süreci boyunca sadık kalınmalıdır. Öğrencilerimle ulaştığımız başarılı sonuçları sağlıklı iletişim ve planlı çalışmaya borçluyuz. Yaklaşık 20 yıllık tecrübemle sınavlara hazırlık süreçlerinde çalışmaya devam ediyoruz.

Reihane A

Fluent in English (Native-like) and certified by Cambridge (CELTA holder), I am an accomplished English teacher and dedicated tutor for IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT.
With nearly eight years of experience, I have worked with diverse age groups and proficiency levels.
My commitment lies in fostering a supportive learning environment, motivating students to surpass their educational and personal goals. As a passionate educator, I am seeking the right opportunity to share my enthusiasm for teaching and contributing to the growth of individuals.


Hello, i’m Anna. I speak 4 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian and a little bit Turkish. I have Ph.D in Marketing and 8 years of experience in teaching English both children and adults. I worked in International Language Camp in Europe and in International companies as a tutor. Since 2018 i have been living in Istanbul. I will be happy to share with you my knowledge and discover the beauty of English language.



After graduation from literature and language deparment in the university, I started teaching and have been doing it for more than 7 years now. I am specialized in preparing my students for proficiency exams such as TOEFL, IELTS and YDS. In addition to language schools, I have worked at several universities in Istanbul as a lecturer. I took my master degree from Istanbul University on literature and am doing my doctorate in the same institution as well.

Nergiz G.

Hi there! I’m Nergiz. I was born in Istanbul and lived almost my whole life here. I have successfully completed the Department of Translation and Interpreting (Turkish-English-French) Thanks to the pedagogical formation that I received, I got training on how to be better in language teaching, how to learn and teach the language better. Additionally, after studying and interning in the high school, I had more experience and self-confident going abroad and speaking with foreigners and their language which is mostly English. Then I started giving group lessons to different age groups. I think, fully energetic and friendly teacher-student relationship is the most fundamental feature in the education process. As someone adopting the principles of teaching professional ethics, I have a love of teaching. All this will contribute to make our lessons more enjoyable. I hope, we have a opportunity to study together. If you want to complete the learning process with me, I am here for you.

Tufan K

Hi! I am Tufan. I was born and raised in Istanbul. I completed the Translation and Interpreting Department (English/Italian). One of the biggest benefits of the department for me is understanding, communicating and speaking the language better. In my field, I worked in the translation office to see how it is progressing, and what kind of work ethic and principle it has. I also taught English to different age groups, on the behalf of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. For the last 1 year, I have been communicating with foreign people all over the world. The biggest benefit to me is the ability to speak, to better understand, absorb what is spoken, and to produce a logical counter-response. I would be very grateful If you want to study with me, because I am always here for you.


Hi, I am Donald. I am from the Pacific Northwest in America, but I have been living and teaching in Istanbul for more than ten years now. I studied Ancient History and Anthropology at University, so I love to travel, meet new people and learn new things. As a teacher, I have taught English to more than a dozen different language speakers (i.e., Turkish, German, Arabic, Japanese, etc.). I teach all ages and levels, but I specialize in Academic and Business conversation skills. Also, I have been giving one-to-one IELTS Preparation classes for the past 7 years. If you want to improve your English skills and learn to effectively discuss a wide-range of topics, I can help you. I believe learning is most effective when the student is personally motivated to learn and the learning environment is relaxed and fun. I try to incorporate this philosophy in each lesson I give. I wish you the best in your education and hope we can meet soon.


Hi! My name is Maide and I am 26 years old. I am a TEFL/ TESOL certified teacher. I have experience of working with kids and adults.I am passionate about teaching and languages. I helped many of my students about homework, exam preparation and writing.I specialise in teaching ages 3-18 but I also teach adults. I focus on using English grammar in practical situations, conversations and many other techniques that are essential in the learning process.


Dear colleagues,
Greetings! I am David from Spain and bring with me a decade of teaching experience. (Since 2007 l am a tai chi teacher and meditation instructor, in 2014 I started teaching languages all over the world total experience as a teacher 18 years in total.) Join my classes to not only have an enjoyable time but also to delve into the richness of Spanish and English languages, along with the cultural nuances. I tailor my lessons to meet the specific needs of each student. Currently, I am pursuing continuous learning to adapt to modern teaching methods. I am enrolled in the “Leader Learning” at Harvard University and simultaneously enhancing my Turkish proficiency at Istanbul University.

Mohsen B

I earned my Master’s degree in the field of English language teaching (ELT) in 2009. Since then, I have been teaching English in a number of prestigious universities and language learning centers in the Middle East. Currently, I am working as an instructor at Istanbul Aydın University. In addition to my M.A., I hold TESOL and CELTA (Grade A) certificates issued by Cambridge University. The courses I have taught in recent years include general English, academic writing, academic speaking, and English for specific purposes (ESP). Moreover, as a top scorer in TOEFL (total score 111), I have quite a lot of experience in teaching TOEFL and IELTS preparatory courses. By utilizing efficient teaching techniques, and providing the students with essential tips and tricks for taking standardized tests, I have managed to prepare a great number of students who took the TOEFL/IELTS tests and obtained their desirable scores

T Kosovac

Hello, there! My name is T. Kosovac. I speak English at C2 level and and teach them as well. My studies of English Language and Literature have introduced me to teaching languages and the joys it brings. My previous working experiences teaching have shaped me into understanding what are the best and easiest ways of understanding and adopting a new language. I have always found myself very proficient in English and learnt it through ease. The same ease you can have learning it with me! I pride myself in making somebody better and helping them reach their potential.

Zoe G

I’m a passionate English Teacher specialising in differentiated instruction based on needs and interests of students. I strive to help each student discover their own voice in oral communication. I am skilled at engaging, encouraging, and inspiring my students to reach the highest level of academic success as possible. I create my lesson plans in line with school curriculum standards of Britain and I tailor my lessons accordingly. With more than 11 years’ experience as an EFL Teacher, I am adept at learning style assessments and individualised lesson plans. I studied English Literature at University of Reading.  I also have Cambridge CELTA certificate in teaching English as a foreign language.

Farzaneh A

My name is Farzaneh. I am 25 years old and hold TTC certification. It’s already been 7 years since I have been teaching English. I grew up with English and learned it with all the joy and fun. I Studied all my lessons with English tutors along with academic English books. Moreover, I read English newspapers and listen to English music that make me feel the world in another way!
I am here to help my students touch the amazing English world!

Arezoo H

My name is Arezoo. I have been teaching English for almost 3 years in Turkey to all ages . English has been in my life since I was 6. I am a graduate student in an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in the English language. Besides I have a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. I have had so many successful students and furthermore, they have been prepared well to do different types of exams Prosperously. My main goal for myself and you is to learn English without fear and confidently. My teaching methods and techniques are based on your needs. Consider me as your friend who wants to have a conversation with you in English and improve your level of English. I can help you to relieve your stress and increase your confidence by having a fun and relaxed environment in my classes. We practice different aspects of English. Learn English more confidently with Understandable grammar and new vocabulary. Increase your fluency in speaking. Speak without fear.

Sima M

Certified English teacher holding Master’s degree in English language teaching (ELT). I have participated in two Teacher Training Courses (TTC). I have more than 4 years of experience in teaching both kids and adults. I am passionate about my students and I have always got a sense of achievement from seeing my students develop and improve their language knowledge. In my classes, I try to create a friendly atmosphere, conducive for learning, so that students can hone their language skills in an efficient way.


Certified TEFL/TESOL English teacher

I’m Arisa.
I’m a qualified English Teacher and I’m a pharmacy student at Sarajevo University also.
I have 5 years of experience with adults in: business English, tutoring, one-to-one online lessons .
I started learning and speaking English and Albanian as a child so today I speak those languages clearly and fluently.
I gained a lot of experience in teaching children. My groups of students and I get along great and we’ve created a nice and harmonious collaboration.
I’ve been working hard in this field and I’m ready to apply my knowledge into practice 😊

Adna K

Hi! My name is Adna.I have several years of experience in teaching English language so I will be more than happy to help you with improving your conversation skills!
Apart from teaching English language, I am a social media and customer care manager but I love spending time talking to my students!
I believe that a friendly class atmosphere and a friendly, open approach mean a lot to my students so I try to make my classes interesting and useful at the same time. I am looking forward to speaking English with you!

Seda K

Ich heiße Seda und bin 27 Jahre alt. Ich bin in Istanbul geboren aber ich wohne in Eskisehir. Ich bin eine Deutschlehrerin und habe DAF (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) an der Anadolu Universität studiert. Ich bin in NLP ausgebildet und bin auch ein kreativer Dramatiktrainer. Mein Ziel ist es, jedem, der Deutsch lernen möchte, Deutsch zu unterrichten, von der jüngsten bis zur höchsten Altersgruppe. Wir haben mit den Schülern, die ich auf die Telc- und Goethe-Prüfungen vorbereitet habe, erfolgreiche Ergebnisse erzielt. In den Privatschulen, in denen ich gearbeitet habe, haben wir bei den Projekten, die wir durchgeführt haben, den ersten Platz belegt.


Hello, my name is Lily and I’m a native online English tutor from London, England. I am passionate about meeting new people and presenting myself as an insightful learning resource to my students. My teaching style is clear, kind and patient, and my lessons are aimed at entertaining and making you laugh while you learn. Please feel free to contact to become one of my students from all over the world.


Hello there! I’m Seada, a certified teacher. I grew up in the United States and I am a native English speaker and also speak Bosnian fluently. I hold a Bachelors of Arts in history and education, a Masters of Arts in history, and a Masters of Science in instructional technology. I have over five years of teaching experience, teaching history and English as a second language in the States. I have an extensive background in teaching all age groups, from young children to college students. I currently live in Sarajevo, Bosnia. I am passionate about education, and I truly believe education is the great equalizer. I especially love the English langauge, and hold an ESL certification through Arizona State. Through the years, I have had the honor of teaching students from dozens of countries, and helping them build confidence in their language skills.

My teaching philosophy is that education is personal and individualized. Education should be geared towards each individual student and their needs. I am eager to work with you to help you build knowledge, skills, and confidence in your English language abilities.

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